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This is NOT a guide to converting 5th to 6th edition HERO System characters from a points perspective. This guide simply tells you how to make simple changes to enable a mechanical usage of a 5th edition character within the 6th edition environment of the HERO System Mod.

There is a 5th edition export template if you want to run the 5th edition of HERO System in TTS. The 5th edition version is not as advanced as the 6th edition version, but is sufficient for most cases.

This guide helps those with 5th edition NPCs in HERO Designer format convert those NPCs to 6th edition. This guide is not the perfect answer to conversion and simply shows the HERO System Mod creator's personal experience; you may do your conversion differently, if so please share with us so we can all do it better.


Getting Ready

  • Load two copies of HERO Designer and put them side by side (if you cannot do this then take screenshots of the 5th edition screens and refer to them while working on the 6th version).
    In the left hand one I have opened the 5th edition character, a VIPER(tm) agent. In the right hand one I have opened the same character.
  • Now we begin by using "Current Character" on the top menu and select "Change current template->HERO System 6th Edition Rules->Superheroic" as shown below.
    This will do a lot of the work for us but miss a few vital areas as we will see.
  • Ignoring Basic Info and Background we move straight to the Characteristics tab to being work on the conversion.
    The process is a simple one of moving down through the content, copying the settings on the 5th to the settings on the 6th. As this is a mechanical emulation of the character in the HERO Mod, points are not a consideration. One key area to call out is PD/ED; often these are derived from Resistant Defences in the powers / equipment sections. Ignore COM for now as it might turn into a "Striking Appearance" under talents if it is significant.
  • Moving on to Skills, we find no conversion work is necessary.
  • Next is Perks, once again no conversion work as the change worked well.
  • We move past Talents as these agents are Talentless and arrive at Martial Arts.
    A quick glance confirms all the Martial arts correctly converted.
  • Now we get to the more complex part of things, the Powers. Let us take a look at what we have to work with.
    A quick check shows us the Agent's armour is missing but everything else looks good enough for the HERO Mod.
  • So Armour in 5th edition is replaced with Resistant Protection, let us create a replacement for the armor.
    Again this is not points-orientated, merely mechanics, so do not worry about the points difference. Note all the limitations match and the effect (PD/ED) is identical. Now make sure it goes to either the Primary or Secondary characteristics to match the choice on the 5th edition version.
  • After doing that we make the Helmet to do the same and that leaves us here.
  • Next we look at Disadvantages and we can see there is no work there.


As you can see, conversion is fairly simple to do in a HERO Mod context. Simply now save the new 6e character with a new name and export it via the 6e JSON exporter.

So you can quickly bring forward all your 5th edition character files to 6th edition for use in the HERO System Mod.